Fresh Start Assessment & Diagnostic Homes

Fresh Start Difference

The Fresh Start program addresses the need for stabilization and assessment. Fresh Start was designed with Permanency in mind by taking a "fresh look" at the issues and  possible solutions. The team makes multiple recommendations that best meet the needs of the child to be successful returning to the  community and family environment.

  • Short Length of Stay - Approximately 90 days
  • Permanency Directed - Focusing on family-based discharge
  • Strength and Needs Based Assessments - Addressing youth and families
  • Treatment - Individual, group and family therapy; psycho-educational groups daily
  • Natural Home Environment - Offering private bedrooms
  • Genograms - Searching for natural supports in each youth's life
  • 24 Hour Emergency Placements - Admitting any time of day or night, 365 days a year
  • True Foster Care Prevention - Allowing 30 day respite while helping to resolve family problems
  • Remarkable Outcomes - 90% of discharged youth remain in recommended placement after three months
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24-hour emergency placements,
7 days a week
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